How To Get Face Wax Off Linoleum Floors

Those who do not know how to get face wax off linoleum floors risk doing damage to their flooring. Whether it is simply a few drops or a large spill, removing face and/or body wax off of a linoleum floor is necessary to maintain the floor's look and cleanliness. These powerful techniques may only take a few minutes and are guaranteed to leave the linoleum floor as good as new.

To get face wax off linoleum floors, you will need:

  • Several rags
  • A butter knife or other scraping tool
  • Baby oil or another type of oil
  • Mild soap
  1. Dealing with excess face wax. Gently removing the excess face wax from the linoleum floor should be done prior to any other removal efforts. If the wax is still hot, it can be blotted but should not be wiped. If the wax has had time to dry, scraping lightly with a butter knife is sufficient. You should not attempt to scrape away all of the face wax off the linoleum floor as attempting to do so can cause damage.
  2. Use oil. The action of this agent can help eliminate the residue left behind and take care of the stickiness. Various types of oil can be used to help remove face or body wax from a linoleum floor, including baby oil or common household oil used to cook with. However, if oil came with the hot wax kit it may work the best. Only a small amount is needed and should be worked onto the area using a rag or paper towel. Buff until the oil is no longer noticeable.
  3. Wash the floor. Using a mild soap or regular cleanser approved for the surface, clean the area thoroughly. This should remove any trace of the body or face wax from the linoleum floor, along with the oil.



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