How To Get Face Wax Off Tile Floor

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wondered how to get face wax off the tile floor you dripped or spilled  on? Face wax is thick, sticky and it dries really fast. You have to be quick to wipe that messy tile up in time. Otherwise, it may seem like it will never come off. Lucky you though, it could be a lot worse. Tile really isn't that bad of a cleaning surface. Just follow these simple steps and your floor will be good as new:

  1. Cleaning up your tile from face wax takes only two products that you probably have right in your own kitchen. If you own ice cubes and a sharp blade of some sort, like that on a knife or a razor blade, your tile will be wax free in no time. Your first thought to removing a difficult product like face wax is a lot of muscle and scrubbing of some sort. Well, that isn't the case here. Just a few moments of patience and a steady hand is all it is going to take.
  2. Start with an ice cube. Take the ice cube and hold it firmly on the spilled wax until it hardens. This should only take a few minutes at most. Ice and wax go well together in situations like this one. Once the wax has been frozen, it should be easy to remove from the tile floor.
  3. The next step in removing the wax is the one that requires a steady hand. Carefully, put your blade towards the underneath of the wax at it's edge. Applying pressure and keeping the blade at a slight angle as to not scratch the tile, the wax on the tile floor should easily chip off. Some spots may require another application of ice, but eventually the face wax on your tile floor will be gone.



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