How To Get Off Fan Nut On Land Rover Discovery

Learn how to get the fan nut off your Land Rover Discovery by following these simple steps. Occasionally, removing a fan nut from a Land Rover can be very difficult to accomplish because the bolts can be fastened up to a very high amount, preventing removal of fan nut itself. It may be necessary to use a large extender, breaker bar or, in extreme cases, an air gun. Remember to re-screw the bolts to the correct amount to prevent future problems with removing the fan nut from the Land Rover.

What you'll need:

  • Brake caliper
  • Socket set
  1. With your Land Rover Discovery set in park and with the e-brake applied on flat ground, loosen the wheel lug nuts. Jack up the offending side and remove the wheel.
  2. You will see in front of you the rotor, brake caliper and suspension strut. Start by removing the brake caliper bolts, which are attached to the suspension strut. Some lubricating fluid might help with rusted or seized bolts.
  3. Remove the center cap. Go ahead and remove the shim, castle-retaining nut and ball-bearing race. The disc and hub will be easily removed; carefully slide it along the splined axle stub.
  4. Secure the hub in a vice (not the disc) and remove the five bolts holding the disc to the hub. There are usually locking tabs covering the rotor bolts and these need to be bent back out of the way.
  5. Once you have removed the hub, replace it with a new one and refit the rotor to the new hub. Use new locking tabs and thoroughly clean the face of the hub and the axle stub. Re-grease the axle stub and the center of the hub, slide it back onto the axle stub and re-grease the ball bearings.
  6. When you are tightening the center lock nut back up, remember to turn it until the rotor does not move, then back it off a one-fourth turn. Make sure the rotor can still spin easily but is tight enough to spin true. Refit the wheels and lower it back onto the ground. This is how to change a wheel hub on a Land Rover Discovery.
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