How To Get Far Cry 2 In Full Screen

If you’re tired of Windows treating your copy of “Far Cry 2” copy like it’s a program in a window, you might want to know how to get “Far Cry 2” in full screen. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to configure your installation to get “Far Cry 2” in full screen and it takes minimal computer knowledge. If you’re ready for “Far Cry 2” to encompass your entire screen, read on.

  1. Browse to the game directory. You’re going to be making a minor change to a file in the directory, so you’ll need to follow a path to get to your game installation. Browse this path: (user)>Documents>My Games>Far Cry 2. On earlier versions of Windows, “Documents” might be named “My Documents.”
  2. Look for a file named, “GamerProfile.xml.” This file is typically located in the “Far Cry 2” folder and it shouldn’t be too hard to locate. 
  3. Open that file. If it doesn’t open, open it using Notepad by right-clicking on the file and configuring it to open with Notepad. (Note: Before opening it, you may want to make a backup or copy of it on your desktop just in case something goes wrong.)
  4. Look for “Fullscreen=0” and change the zero to a one. This will be a certain line in the document. Simply look for it, and change the value from the number zero to the number one.
  5. To get “Far Cry 2” in full screen, save the file and restart the game. Remember not to click “Save As.” Click “Save” and the file should immediately save itself. Close out the game installation, and start the game up. You should see that “Far Cry 2” is now displayed in full screen mode.
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