How To Get Faster Without Running

So you want to know how to get faster without running? Common sense tells us that running is the best way to get faster, however, there are a few things you can do to get faster without running. Whether you can’t run because of injury or you simply don’t want to run, these tips will help you get faster. Don’t be fooled, it is impossible to increase your speed without some form of exercise, and even if you don’t run, you will still need to increase strength and endurance by performing aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

  1. Swim: Swimming provides a great full body cardio workout. Strenuous swimming will improve your cardio, which will make you faster without running.
  2. Bike: Riding a bike provides a great cardio workout and also strengthens the muscles in your legs. Since strong legs and good lung capacity are the two key elements to foot speed, riding a bike is a great way to get faster without running.
  3. Lift: Strength training can help a great deal in improving speed. Areas to focus on when lifting to get faster without running include hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes.
  4. Core: Core strength is key to almost every physical activity and improving your core strength will help in a wide variety of athletic pursuits. Improving your core strength is not only a great way to get faster without running, it is also the only way to get that six pack.
  5. Stretch: Flexibility is an oft-overlooked aspect of speed. Staying nimble will increase your speed and your recovery time. Even if you don’t run, it’s important to stretch.
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