How To Get Fishing License For Disabled In Georgia

People who have mobility issues but like to fish may ponder how to get a fishing license for the disabled in Georgia. Everyone can enjoy the serene atmosphere of fishing in the state of Georgia. It can be difficult to find out how to get a fishing license for the disabled in Georgia, but you have help. The simple instructions provided below will assist you in the task.

To get a fishing license for the disabled, you will need:

  • Disability documentation
  • Driver’s license
  • Pen
  • Postage stamp
  • Envelope
  • Telephone or computer with internet
  1. Search for the letter. Find your full disability letter. Possible document sources are the Social Security or Veterans Administration. Make a copy to send with your license application.
  2. Obtain the form. Notify the Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) and contact the WRD Licensing Unit by phone or email to request the disability license application form for fishing.
  3. Complete the form. When you receive the application, fill it out. Use a blue or black pen to enter all information requested on the form.
  4. Submit everything. Mail a copy of your disability statement, a copy of your Georgia driver’s license and the completed fishing license for disability form to the WRD Licensing Unit. Wait for your permit in the mail.

You have completed obtaining a free fishing license for disabled persons. Remember to renew the license in three years if you want to keep fishing. Enjoy your future fishing expeditions!


  • The applicant may apply for a free hunting license.



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