How To Get Flight Simulator X For Free

Want to know how to get Flight Simulator X for free? Flight Simulator X is an excellent flight simulator from Microsoft. The game is designed for players of all ages and levels. If you like to fly, Flight Simulator X is the game for you. The best thing about Flight Simulator X is it is free and it is easy to get for your computer.

To get Flight Simulator X for free you will need:

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Internet access
  • a modern computer
  1. Look at your computer and make sure it has Windows XP or Windows Vista installed. Flight Simulator X is free, but you need to have the right operating system to download the game.
  2. Turn your computer on, log on to the internet and search for Flight Simulator X for free. Look at the sites and make sure Flight Simulator X is absolutely free and it is not affected with any viruses.
  3. Click on the download button. Make sure your virus protection is on and working. The Flight Simulator X will take a long time to download. It can take over six hours to download on high speed internet service. If you have really fast internet service, you can download the game faster. Full versions of the game can take two to six days with high speed internet and two to three weeks with a dial up connection.
  4. Decide whether you are going to spend six hours to download the basic Flight Simulator X game or the full version. Remember it can take up to six weeks to download the full version with a dial up connection.
  5. After you have downloaded the Flight Simulator X game for free on the internet, it's time to play the game and enjoy flying a simulated plane. Remember this game will take a lot of space up on your computer. Make sure your computer can handle this great simulation game.
  6. Go through a virus scan on your computer just in case. You do not want to have a virus sneak into your computer and mess everything up on your computer. It is nice you downloaded Flight simulator X for free, but you do not want to destroy your computer in the process.
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