How To Get On Flow For Skateboarding

How to get on flow for skateboarding means to get sponsorship for your riding and competing in skateboarding events. If you are a serious skateboarder and want to get on flow, here are a few ways you can go about it:

  1. Sell yourself. Show that you’re worth sponsoring with skateboarding and that you can get on flow. Be confident, but don’t come across as arrogant.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask potential sponsors if you can wear their stuff. They just might let you, and if letting you do so results in an increase in business, you just may have found your sponsorship.
  3. Be appreciative of small incentives as you start to get them. Treat the smallest board sticker just as if it was as important as the article of clothing emblazoned with the sponsorship logo. Getting on flow means knowing that others will help you along the way.
  4. Consider posting your information on a website that will put it out there for you. There are several that will provide this service for free or a very small fee.
  5. Network. In your case, this means asking people whom you know personally who work for corporations or businesses that may be interested if they will ask those in charge to give you’re their sponsorship. You can also check the International Sponsor Council website for corporations and businesses that may be in your area that you can contact. These contacts will be able to help you get on flow with skateboarding faster then you could do on your own.
  6. Don’t think you deserve it or that you HAVE to be sponsored. Remember why you got into skateboarding in the first place.
  7. Remember also that you can lose a skateboarding sponsorship a lot quicker than you gained one. If the sponsor(s) expect you to be a good role model for young skateboarders and teaching them how to get on flow and you feel as though you cannot or would rather not have this responsibility, then perhaps you should reconsider sponsorship in general until you are more ready.
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