How To Get A Food Truck

Before you learn how to get a food truck, you should properly assess your food truck needs. Some food truck companies limit themselves to items that can be stored refrigerated and then heated up with warming trays.  If you are planning on selling freshly prepared food you will need to look into purchasing a catering truck.  Catering trucks come with full-service kitchens. If you are just planning on selling things like sandwiches, cold drinks, and coffee, a lunch truck might be a better option. Full-service catering will require a catering truck and will increase the amount of items you can sell, but may cost much more. Do your research and decide what the focus of your business will be. You will need a business plan to give to your local health department outlining what kinds of food you will be serving. 


  1. Establish what kinds of food you would like to sell. Decide if you need a lunch truck or a full-service catering truck.
  2. Look at your budget. Estimate how much profit you will be making and how long it would take to repay that investment. 
  3. Check with your local health department. Food trucks have to adhere to the same guidelines due to public safety concerns. You will likely need a food handler’s permit. 
  4. You will need a business license and sales tax identification number. Visit the Small Business Association in order to get some help navigating your local government. They can also help you with creating your business plan and other aspects of getting started.
  5. Search local advertisements or look into purchasing a new truck. The cost will be higher for new trucks, but this may save you money long-term.
  6. Before purchasing any food truck, take a mechanic along to inspect the truck. Your mechanic may charge a fee, but it is worth it. Don’t let yourself get ripped off. Have a trusted mechanic look at the truck to be sure you are getting something that won’t break down on you. 
  7. If you are buying new, look into purchasing a food truck from a company like Catering Trucks. They offer custom designs that are fairly affordable. 
  8. Start out by attempting to cater events. This could help you raise capital to fund your food truck purchase.
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