How To Get Fraud Investigations Jobs

Learning how to get fraud investigation jobs allows you the opportunity to break into this exciting field. With the incidents of fraud on the rise, more companies need fraud investigators to uncover deceptive practices by employees and customers alike that lead to white-collar crime. With the increased demand and limited supply of available fraud investigators, this career should remain a high paying one.

  1. Obtain a degree in criminology. While most fraud investigation jobs allow individuals with an Associate’s degree, most professional and higher paying assignments require a four year degree. Would you rather work for the F.B.I., or your local insurance company? Most people who seek fraud investigation jobs want the excitement and the thrill of the unknown; make the best out of it and get the full degree.
  2. Get a private investigator’s license. Many programs offer licensure after one or two years and even offer online classes. Obtaining the license shows that you are serious about the field and makes it easier for employers to hire you.  
  3. Get an entry-level job with an insurance company or a law firm while in school. Many firms conduct fraud investigations, but some of the biggest are insurance companies and law firms. Working on the inside of one of these types of firms allows you to gain insight on fraud investigations. You might even get a job once you graduate.
  4. Join a Professional Association for fraud investigations. Joining a professional organization offers you credibility and networking opportunities. These firms also offer additional training and seminars on important aspects of the job.  For example, the National Association of Fraud Investigators offers a newsletter with job opportunities and seminar information. They boast that many of their board members are federal agents and U.S. attorneys and can provide legal advice to members.

Fraud investigation jobs require tenacity and a passion for justice. Not many jobs give you this level of satisfaction while engaging you in challenging work.




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