How To Get Free Beer

Need to know how to get free beer? There are plenty of ways to get free beer, especially if you are a beautiful woman. But let's say you're not going that route and instead want to get free beer by capitalizing on your talents. You can get free beer a number of ways. Go to a bar and try these tricks.

If you want to get free beer, you will need:

  • Impressive skills that strangers will be intrigued by
  • A winning personality
  1. Play a musical instrument. If you play guitar, bass, drums, piano, fiddle, you name it, and perform for people, they will most likely love to buy you a drink. The more popular songs you know how to play, the more likely you will be to get free drinks. People love to hear their favorite songs played live, and being in a band or playing solo is a great way to get offered free beer for the night.
  2. Learn to read palms. The basics of palm reading are simple, and you can learn the major and minor lines by doing some research online, buying a few books about palm reading or asking friends who know about it. Practice palm reading on friends and family before going to a bar and offering palm readings for beer. If you do a good job on your palm readings, you may get even more than one beer, and you most likely will attract others in the bar who want to have their palms read for a beer.
  3. Learn the basics of tarot card reading. Like palmistry, people in bars would love to have a card spread for the simple price of a free beer. Learning tarot is a little harder to master than palm reading, but with a deck of cards and an instruction book, you can learn to read tarot and offer readings to bar patrons. They will be more than happy to get a tarot reading for the price of a simple beer.

The key to getting free beer, other than showing a little cleavage, is to entertain. Find creative and brave ways to earn yourself free beer for a night at your favorite local bar.

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