How To Get Free BMX Stickers

Wondering how to get free BMX stickers? It's not only fun to have a BMX bike, but it's also fun to personalize your BMX bike with BMX stickers. There are many ways you can get BMX stickers.

Things you'll need:

  • BMX magazine subscription
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Phone books
  • Newspapers
  1. BMX magazine. If you get a subscription to a BMX magazine, look in the business advertising section. There should be many BMX companies that sell BMX accessories. The BMX companies will probably send you BMX stickers for free or a small fee. Some companies may even send BMX stickers for free.
  2. Get free BMX stickers online. Look online at different BMX companies. Look up BMX stickers specifically and see what the websites say. Some may give BMX stickers away as a small form of advertising. Just email each company listed and ask them about receiving free BMX stickers. At least a few of the companies will probably send some BMX stickers to you. If not, most BMX companies will send you stickers along with any order you have made.
  3. Look in phone books or other publications. Looking up free BMX stickers online is likely the best way to get free BMX stickers, but you may also be able to look into other publications like phone books, local advertising newspapers and other sporting magazines.
  4. BMX stickers on an auction site. Consider looking on auction sites for free BMX stickers. If they aren't free, the stickers will probably be really cheap and may have free shipping


  • The stickers from BMX companies may be free, but getting them shipped may require a small shipping fee.
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