How To Get Free Microsoft Points

Microsoft makes it relatively easy to learn how to get free Microsoft points. These points can, in turn, be used to purchase maps or games from your Xbox gaming system. Though many people do not bother using the Microsoft points system, the points can come in handy for other individuals. Microsoft also sells these points in the store or online, but if you find yourself strapped for cash, that may not be the way to go. Here you can follow these steps to be closer to getting free Microsoft points.

To get free Microsoft points, you will need:

  • A computer with internet access
  • Xbox gaming console
  1. The Xbox Marketplace has constant promotions that offer free points. Use your Xbox game system to log onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. Browse the arcade tab by selecting the "directional pad" buttons found on your Xbox controller. Here you will see a list of special offers. Look to see if any of them are offering free Microsoft points. Many offers might require you to purchase a game to get free Microsoft points.
  2. Go to the survey site to earn free Microsoft points. You need an email address to register with the site and begin completing surveys. Once you complete a survey you are given points you can then convert into Microsoft points and use them. The minimum cash out is at least 200 points.

If you have enough determination and dedication, your will be able to get Microsoft points in no time.

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