How To Get Free Music From Itunes

Learning how to get free music from iTunes can really help out your wallet. Paying a dollar or more for a song download can really get old real fast. Finding free songs every so often is an exciting accomplishment. iTunes is a great music provider that allows you to find all of your favorite songs in one place. Every Tuesday iTunes gives away free music and you may find that one of your favorite songs is a part of that free music. Here are a few steps that will help you to download that free music so that you never miss out on great music again.

To get free music from iTunes, you will need:

  • iTunes
  • iTunes account
  • Computer, iPhone or iPod
  1. Use your computer, iPhone or iPod to open up your iTunes music store. If you are doing this from your computer, then you will need to open up iTunes first before you can go to the iTunes music store. Go to where it says "Free on iTunes" and click on it.
  2. Click on "See all" to view the full list of free songs for that week. If you see a song that you like, you can click on "Get song" to begin downloading it. If you are not signed into your iTunes account, then a window will pop up asking you to sign in. In order to download the song you have to have an iTunes account. 
  3. Once you are signed in it will begin downloading. Once the song is fully downloaded you can begin listening to it and you can transfer it to your iPod.

New songs are added on a consistent basis. So if you do not see any songs that you like then just give it a week and you might find something that you like.

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