How To Get Free Poker Chips On Facebook

Here are instructions for how to get free poker chips on Facebook. While there are many scams on Facebook promising you free poker chips, there are actually some real methods for obtaining free Facebook chips that are both legal and safe. Here are some strategies for obtaining free poker chips on Facebook legitimately and safely.

  1. Log into your Facebook account. You should never trust a site that attempts to give you free Facebook poker chips when it is not connected to Facebook. To ensure that you are logged into your Facebook account, look at the url to confirm that it reads Facebook. If you think your security has been compromised, you should change your log in information asap.
  2. Go to the Facebook poker game. Many Facebook games, including poker, give you free chips for simply visiting the game website. Again, the game Website should be within Facebook. Check the url to be sure. If you don't recognize the location, log out.
  3. Look for special offers for free poker chips on Facebook. The poker game on Facebook will often encourage you to take quizzes or invite friends in order to obtain free poker chips on Facebook. Sometimes the poker game will have a requirement for how many friends you have to invite to receive x number of poker chips. Other offers require your friend to accept and play Facebook poker themselves in order for you to obtain the free poker chips.
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