How To Get Free PS3 Game Downloads

You love that Sony of yours, but have you ever wondered how to get free PS3 game downloads for it? The Sony PlayStation 3 was released on November 11, 2006, to a much anticipated build up from its fan base. Free PS3 game downloads followed, encouraging demos and interactivity amongst its community. Today, many of those free PS3 downloads (as well as new ones) have survived on the PlayStation Network. You can get free PS3 game downloads from pretty much anyone anywhere, but we're going to show you the "legit" way to do it.

Here's what you will need:

  • A Sony PlayStation 3 console
  • PS3 controllers
  • Appropriate PlayStation wires and adapters
  • A computer
  • Connection to the Internet
  • A PlayStation Network subscription
  1. Turn on your Sony PlayStation 3. In order to get free PS3 game downloads you will need your PlayStation turned on. Of course, proper gear, controllers, and wires are needed.
  2. Visit the PlayStation Network website. The PSN site gives you access to nearly everything on Sony's dedicated servers 24/7/365. However, you'll need a subscription (or your "Sign-In ID") to gain downloading access, quite obviously. Everything from free PS3 game downloads to movies, tv shows, and add-ons are on (for American PS3 gamers).
  3. Click on "Games and Media." This will bring up a screen with all kinds of categories and ways of sorting free PS3 game downloads (as well as those that cost a pretty penny). Beware, not everything is free, so make sure to check out the prices of each item prior to pressing that oh-so-fateful "download" button on the PSN website.
  4. Find the free PS3 game downloads. Click on "All Games" and then sort by "downloadable" on the website. Most, if not all, of the game demos are free downloadable content for your PS3 (so as to encourage people to buy the actual products). Full games are rarely, if ever, free. However, some independent developers are willing to give away their much smaller compositions as free PS3 game downloads. Regardless, click on your choice and its independent page will be brought up.
  5. Either visit the PlayStation Store or download it immediately. Depending on the game you selected, some might be able to be downloaded to your PlayStation 3 straight from the Internet. However, the PlayStation Store (accessible from your console) will provide you with the available components necessary for your free PS3 game downloads, otherwise.

Enjoy playing the hottest new titles as you get free PS3 game downloads! Be mindful, illegal downloading and piracy is not funny, and can hurt the games you wish to support. Be legal, mindful, and courteous and download only from the PlayStation Network!

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