How To Get Free Ringtones From iTunes For IPhone

If you are tired of spending money to look cool, you are probably wondering how to get free ringtones from iTunes for your iPhone. The iPhone is a great device that can drain you financially. Between the applications and ringtones, you can easily find yourself shelling out more money than you wanted to. We have a step-by-step tutorial to help you get free ringtones from iTunes for your iPhone that won't have you counting pennies at the end of each month.

Things You Will Need:

  • iPhone
  • iTunes
  • USB Cable
  1. In order to get free ringtones from iTunes for your iPhone, you need to actually have the program downloaded. If you have already downloaded iTunes, that's great. If not, you can hit up Apple's official website and download the program for free. Once you have downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer, it is time to start getting those free ringtones from the program for your iPhone.
  2. Now that you have iTunes on your computer, add music to your library. If you already had iTunes, chances are that you already have music in your iTunes library. If this is your first time using iTunes, the program will prompt you to search for music files on your computer. After adding your music, you are ready to get free ringtones from iTunes for your iPhone.
  3. Once you have music in your iTunes library, select a song that you would like to make a ringtone for your iPhone. After you have a song in mind, right click on the song and select the Get Info option. This will bring up a pop-up box with your song's information according to iTunes.
  4. To get a free ringtone from iTunes for your iPhone, click on the Options tab in the pop-up box. Once you are in the Options menu, check the Start Time and Stop Time boxes. Selecting a time between 1 and 30 seconds, input a length for your free iTunes ringtone in the fields. After you have decided on the length of the ringtone for your iPhone, click OK.
  5. Now that you have designated a portion of the song for a ringtone for your iPhone, right click on the song again. Choose the option to Convert Selection to AAC to convert the song into a ringtone that can be used on your iPhone. After the song has been converted, locate the ringtone in your iTunes Music folder and drag it to your desktop.  
  6. You are almost done in your quest to get free ringtones from iTunes for your iPhone. Right click on the file on your desktop and change the extension to .m4r. This will ensure that it is in the proper format to play on your iPhone. After you have changed the file, move it back to your iTunes Music folder.
  7. Plug in your iPhone with a USB cable and sync the device with iTunes. Once you have done this, you now have a free ringtone from iTunes for your iPhone.

You can perform this action over and over without fear of being charged for ringtones for your iPhone.



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