How To Get Free Satellite Radio

Satellite radio offers a huge variety of channels for a monthly fee which leaves many people wondering how to get free satellite radio. With satellite radio listeners are given the opportunity to hear an array of commercial-free music genres, talk shows, comedy shows, and more. This article will show you ways to get free satellite radio.

  1. Sign up for free trials. Many satellite radio providers will give you a free trial period. Although the trial periods are usually short, it will still give you a chance to listen to the various stations offered and decide if you think satellite radio is worth purchasing a subscription.  Sign up on the satellite providers website and often you will receive other ways to get free trials or extend your current free trial.
  2. Buy a new car. If you are in the market for a new car, try one with satellite radio.  As a bonus, many new cars come with satellite radio already installed with a free 1 year subscription. This will give you plenty of time to explore the many satellite radio stations.
  3. Listen online. There are many websites out there that has negotiated a live feed from satellite radio providers. On these websites you can listen to various satellite stations for free. Many of these websites require that you sign up prior to listening.
  4. Enter contests. Many  websites and even radio stations are now giving away free, one year satellite radio subscriptions as contest prizes. Use your web browser and search to find websites that often give away free satellite radio subscriptions.
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