How To Get A Free Sex Doll

Want to learn how to get a free sex doll? Getting a free sex doll is a great and not-so-new way to masturbate. Sex dolls have dated back to the early 1900's when sailors were alone at sea. Getting one for free can be particularly challenging considering the fact that they can get pretty pricey. Knowing where to go and what to do can be challenging because of the sex doll's taboo nature.

  1. Contests. Usually contests can be held and sex dolls can be given out as "gag" gifts to the winners. Sometimes these contests are held by radios, TV stations, or local clubs or organizations. Always be on the look out for these types of contests. Just be sure to play fairly!
  2. Write a review. Oftentimes companies need writers to review their products. If you have a good eye for criticism and know how to write a review, perhaps a sex doll company would be willing to give you one for free in exchange for the review. Do some research to find what companies make the dolls and how to get in contact with them.
  3. Get in touch with some former owners. Some owners of sex dolls are looking for upgrades. Try asking them what they will do with the old one once they are done. They may be willing to give it to you. However, be sure to clean it as well as possible before use.
  4. Bachelor Parties. Typically sex dolls can be bought as joke gifts for bachelor parties. Once the party is over, however, most guys don't take the sex dolls home with them. Try to meet up with a bachelor party at a strip club or bar and see where the evening goes.
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