How To Get A Free Shopping Spree

Need to know how to get a free shopping spree? With a free shopping spree, you can sometimes choose to shop anywhere you want, but usually you will have to shop at a particular store. Either way, you will get free stuff out of the experience.

To get a free shopping spree, you will need:

  • Blank post cards
  • Contest rules
  1. Enter a shopping spree contest. You can find them at stores or on the internet. Specialty stores, catalogs and online stores usually have contests. The prize for these contests can involve winning a shopping spree with their store.
  2. Read the contest rules. Make sure that you’re aware of how to enter, the deadline and any qualifications. For example, you don’t want to enter for a shopping spree by mail when the rules call for you to enter on their website.
  3. Buy blank post cards if you need them. Some shopping spree contests will call for you to enter the contest by mail. You can find blank postcards at retail stores or your local post office.
  4. Enter the shopping spree. Once you have the resources you need, you should enter the contest as soon as possible. If the rules allow you to, enter the contest more than once. Some contests will allow contestants to enter once a day until the deadline.
  5. Make a note of when they’ll announce the winner. Read the contest rules for when the announcement will take place. Make sure that you’ll be available at home or at the telephone.

Enter more than one contest so you can increase your chances of getting a free shopping spree. Watch out for contests that ask you to buy products. Some contests on the internet may be scams.

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