How To Get Free Tickets To ‘Monday Night Raw’

People are wondering how do you get free tickets to Monday Night Raw. The WWE supports the troops and they compensate them by giving them free tickets to any live WWE event (including Monday Night Raw) for absolutely free.

“Wait, that means I have to join the military just to get free tickets to Monday Night Raw?” Not actually, there are other ways to get free tickets to Monday Night Raw such as a sweepstakes that the WWE conducts a few times a year or if you know someone in the military and they will give you a free ticket. The most effective way of getting free tickets to Monday Night Raw is to be in the military and here is how you get the free tickets.

  1. Wear your military uniform to the Monday Night Raw event. You have to wear your uniform in order to get the free tickets. Uniforms include: BDUs, ACUs, Class A’s, or any other formal military attire. You cannot go to Monday Night Raw dressed as a civilian.
  2. Show proper military identification. They have to know if you are in the military or not. Someone can easily go to an Army surplus store or another outlet store and buy military attire like the BDU. You can see people dressed up like they are in the military every single day and they might not even be in the military. All you have to do is show your military ID card and you are good to go.
  3. Your military buddy can give you a free ticket. As long as you are the person in the military, you can bring other people to the event with you. It depends on the arena, but you can give free tickets to Monday Night Raw to some of your friends.


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