How To Get Free Wii Points

The Nintendo Wii is a fun and popular console, but paying for Wii points sucks, so here's a way to learn how to get free Wii points. Wii points, now called Nintendo Points, are used to purchase content for the Wii from the Wii Shop Channel. Wii points can be purchased in stores and online at many different retailers. A 2,000 point Wii Points card can be purchased for around $20, but free is still a lot better.

You will need:

  • A dummy email address
  • A fake address and phone number
  1. To receive free Wii Points, you will have to join several sites that give you points in exchange for filling out offers. You can find these types of websites by doing a quick online search using the keywords “get free Wii Points.” Once you have found a couple of websites take a look around and make sure they look legit. If any of them ask for a credit card, then it is not a good idea to sign up there.
  2. Before signing up on any website that promises free Wii Points, make a dummy email address. You will need to make the dummy email address, due to the fact that these types of offers and surveys end up with you receiving a lot of spam. If you do not mind spam then you can always use your own email address. Remember to keep note of the email address and password, since the Wii Points will be sent to you that way.
  3. A fake address and phone number are needed. It is best to use a fake address that no one has, for instance you can use your street, but put a number that is not listed on your street. For a phone number you can use (555) 555-5555. Sometimes the companies may try to call you or mail flyers and advertisements. If you do not want to receive them, then please use a fake address.
  4. Once you have received the Wii Points in your email, you can use them to get cool games and add-ons from the Wii Channel. Then download the items from the Wii Channel. You will have to have the Wii hooked up to the internet.


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