How To Get Free Xbox Live Points

If you're a gamer, learn how to get free Xbox live points. Microsoft points might as well be money for Xbox gamers, they are used to purchase games, movies, music, and avatar items. Buying Microsoft points can become an expensive habit for avid gamers, but with Microsoft's newly launched rewards program, gamers can earn themselves free Microsoft points while playing video games, watching Netflix, and much more. 

Things you will Need to Earn Microsoft Points:

  • An Xbox 360 Console
  • Xbox Live Gold Membership
  1. Sign up for Xbox Live Rewards. Go to the Xbox rewards website and sign into your Xbox Live account. Login is located at the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Find out what gets you Points. Read the guidelines on the Rewards homepage to find out what you need to do to get free Microsoft Points. Microsoft rewards vary anywhere from 10 Points, to 400 Points, depending on which actions you perform on Xbox Live. Some activities in which you can earn Microsoft Points include: Renewing Xbox Live Membership, Making purchases on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Activate Netflix, Participate in surveys, Participate in promotions, and more.
  3. Spend your Microsoft Points. Visit the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase games, music, movies, game add-ons, and more with the Microsoft Points you have earned. You can access the Xbox Live Marketplace from your Xbox 360 Dashboard, or online by logging into your Live account at the Xbox Website. If you are planning on downloading a game from the marketplace, you will need to download it from your Xbox 360 Console, rather than from your computer. 
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