How To Get A George Clooney Hair Cut

If you like George Clooney's hair, here is where you can learn about: how to get a George Clooney haircut. It's just cool how he isn't necessarily one of the younger male actors, but he manages to have a head of hair to make a sharp, fashionable statement. Here a some ways to get his haircut:

  1. George Clooney movie – If you are a fan of George Clooney's hair, maybe you are a fan of his work. Consider renting one of his movies or
    "E.R." and get a feel for how his hair is cut. His look is mostly the same in a lot of his movies. He does seem to get his hair colored for some roles.
  2. Article on George Clooney – Most men don't want to buy a hair magazine from any store. But a magazine with an article about George Clooney is not the same thing. It's more neutral, not so much like a hair magazine.
  3. Web search – There are probably tons and tons of photos of George Clooney's haircut all over the web. You could print the cut you like and take it to your barber or salon.
  4. Trust your stylist – Try simply telling your stylist that you want your hair cut like George Clooney. He's famous enough on all age levels that your stylist is sure to have heard and seen of him. Plus, maybe there are pictures of George Clooney's haircut in some of the hair magazines at your salon.

If you have a trusted stylist who has been cutting your hair for a long time, that is great. George Clooney's haircut would most likely work for someone anywhere from their 20's to 60's. For real. Especially for people who want to maintain a casual, but attractive look.  And George Clooney is definitely a sex icon to the ladies.



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