How To Get A Girl To Answer Her Phone

Sometimes you might wonder how to get a girl to answer her phone. Maybe you've had a fight or maybe she's being stubborn and won't answer. There are a few tips on how to get her to pick up the telephone, but you've got to be clever.

  1. Tell her you have something important to talk about. If you want to get a girl to answer her phone, tell her that you have something important to say. You can do this when you see her in person, explaining the urgency and need you have. If she refuses, resort to begging and telling her you will die if she doesn't pick up the phone. The worst that can happen is you will make a fool out of yourself, but if you play the cards right, she'll be sure to pick up the next time you ring.
  2. Call incessantly. If you call incessantly, you might be able to get a girl to answer her phone. Dial her number over and over, and if you're lucky, she won't turn off her cell or unplug her land line. Then she can see (and hear) how much you want to talk to her. The caveat is to not leave a message! This trick works the first time you do it, but after repeated use, it loses its appeal. If you call twenty times a day, your girl will become immune and not answer her phone.
  3. Leave messages until the voicemail fills up. Like calling incessantly, leaving messages is another way to get a girl to answer her phone. You call and call, leaving a voicemail each time. Do this on her cell and land line. Now she can't receive other messages, and she will probably listen to yours. Well, at least one or two before deleting the rest!
  4. Get someone else to call. This is a great way to get a girl to answer her phone—have someone else call. Better yet, use another person's phone and make the call yourself. When the girl sees someone else's number on her caller ID, she's sure to pick up. Say what you need to before she hangs up!
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