How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You

How to get a girl to have sex with you takes strategy. If you boldly ask to get into her pants, she will feel insulted and if you wait forever, she will probably leave you in the friends zone. These are the simple ways to get her into bed without her believing she is just another roll in the hay.

  1. Respect. Many of us realize that respect get most people further in life and if you treat the girl with dignity and class, she will appreciate it. To get a girl to have sex with you is not to treat her like sleaze, make appropriate comments and treat her as an equal. If you are looking for the girl to enjoy your very aggressive gestures and graphic remarks, expect to be alone at the end of the night.
  2. Go on a few dates. Most men can relate to meeting a girl he finds very attractive and wanting to jump her bones from the start, but unless you are a Brad Pitt or can succeed without alcohol in her system, this method hardly works. Women know the game as well as men do so hang out with the girl for a few times before initiating sex.
  3. Get to know her. The best way to get sex is to know her as a person. Basic things like her interests, the type of man she likes, etc. Women love a man who shows intellect and the ability to carry a conversation as it turns out to be a great mental turn on that leads to sex.
  4. Compliment the girl. We as humans loves compliments as it brightens up a day and women surely love it just as much, if not more, than men do. If you like the way she looks in an outfit say, "you look gorgeous" or there something that makes her unique like her voice, laugh, or humor, tell the girl. You can score extra points letting her know what makes her hot other than her looks, which eventually make her want sex.
  5. Dress well. Most girls do not expect a man to look like a model but if you can put together an outfit, it makes a world of difference in her eyes. No need to don a suit, just wear something that looks crisp and presentable to amp up your appeal.
  6. Use your personality to your advantage. It is true that physical looks gets you in the door but what’s most important is a personality. If you have redeeming qualities such as your humor, talent, or have a philosophical view on variety of subjects, the girl will feel drawn to have sex as your personality shine through.
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