How To Get A Girl To Make Out With You

To learn how to get a girl to make out with you, you need to define exactly what is meant by making out. For many young adults and teens, making out is foreplay to sexual intercourse. While making out may lead to having sex, that is not always the case. It is more like meeting someone and shaking hands. It is testing the waters to see if you want to continue on.

  1. Go out on a date. Girls are will be more willing to make out if they know you. The dating ritual is the beginning of testing the waters. By having fun on a date, you will get to know your date and she will know you. Get her to relax in your company. A girl who is up tight is not in the mood for making out and may feel you are just waiting to pounce on her.
  2. Hold hands. One way to get her defenses to crumble is by starting with small casual contact. Holding hands can help the girl to relax in your company. It lets her know that you are interested in her and are hoping to proceed to the next step.
  3. Be confident. Those defining moments of a casual date such as a good night kiss can lead to getting a girl to make out with you. No matter how awkward you feel, she is feeling it too. Help her to relax with a soft kiss on the brow. Wrap you arms around her and give her a gentle hug. You may be surprised when she lifts her lips to yours and engages in a shy kiss.
  4. Be bold. If you do receive that shy kiss, do not hesitate to deepen the kiss. You will soon know if the feelings are mutual if she responds to your silent advances. However, if she breaks the kiss off, let her off the hook for the time being. Your self-control and manners will dictate whether or not there will be a second date and if she will be ready to make out during the subsequent meetings.

Getting to know one another is paramount to getting a girl to make out with you. Girls want to feel warm and ready for advances and to feel comfortable with the person they are with. It is your job to ease the way so they will be ready when the time is right to make out with you.

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