How To Get A Girl Naked

Learn how to get a girl naked when you are ready for excitement. Do not resort to trickery, deceit or force to get a girl naked. A sure fire way to get a girl to undress for you is to appear totally irresistible. You will have to be charming and have sex appeal if you want to see a girl nude. Before the night is over you will have the girl naked and ready for action if you follow these tips.


  1. Be confident. If you spot a girl you would like to see naked, don’t let her intimidate you. Show no fear. Make eye contact with her and let her know you are interested in her. Go up to her and say you don’t believe in beating around the bush. If you see someone you are attracted to you should at least introduce yourself; you don’t see anything wrong with that. Let her respond, this could be the start of a very long and exciting night.
  2. Well dressed. If you want to stand out, then dress your best. A woman will notice a man more if he takes pride in his appearance. You are looking to get lucky, right. Well you want to see a girl naked you have to be appealing to her in order for that to happen.
  3. Wear seductive cologne. Entice her with the right scent. It’s very alluring when an attractive, well dressed guy with an arousing scent approaches a girl. You may not realize that girl is screaming inside with desire. She may be so hot she is ready to peel her close off, so you can see her naked.
  4. Be oozing with sex appeal. You want her, but you have to make the girl want you. If you have any impressive assets, like muscular arms don’t be afraid to show them off. Body language is very powerful. The right walk, head nod, sexy stand or chin stroke, will get her attention.
  5. Be honest without being obvious. Girls are very smart. You can come across plenty of girls who are just looking for a little no strings attached fun, even if she won't admit it. You have to be subtle. Don’t just come out and say "Hey, I want to see you naked." Just let her know you have a strong physical attraction to her and you think she has one for you. Invite her over and if you play your cards right you will have seen the girl naked before the sun rises.
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