How to Get a Girl Wet By Talking

There are not enough men in the world who understand how to get a woman wet through talking. Men generally need a physical touch or a great visual to get aroused. Women, however, have far better imaginations. If you know what to say and how to say it, you can make a woman wet and ready with nothing more than your voice.

  1. First you need to learn to control your voice. The deeper your voice is, the better it sounds. Think of Barry White. He had a voice that vibrated the walls because it was so deep. Yet, you cannot just rely on deep. There also needs to be a sort of hushed tone to it, almost edging near a whisper. This makes you sound very intimate, and also will make her strain closer to hear more.
  2. Once you have your voice ready, it is time to use your words. Women are very good at using their imaginations. Begin by describing, in detail, what you want to do to her body. Though it may be tempting to turn the conversation towards yourself, stick with her body and her feelings. Tell her exactly where you plan to touch her, how you will touch her, and what you will do next. Thanks to that amazing imagination, she will almost feel your words on her skin.
  3. It could be easy to keep the conversation strictly X-rated, however if you add in a few romantic words it will help the process. Do not just say her hair, say her beautiful hair. Not just her lips, her rosebud lips. Because sex can often be more tied to emotions for women than men, if you can pluck those emotional strings you will get a very pleasant result. That does not mean you have to think sunsets and roses, but a few well placed compliments never hurt.
  4. Start slow and work your way towards the heavy stuff as you go. Most women can take some time to get worked up. Start the conversation PG-13 and slowly build into the more exciting moments. This slow crawl will not only give her time to heat up, it can also be a great way to tease her in all the right ways.

With a little practice and preparation, any man can learn how to get a girl wet by talking. Just remember though, it you said you were going to do something you better be prepared to follow through. Getting her excited and then not living up to promises will definitely hurt your chances of a second act.

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