How to Get a Girl Wet By Texting

Ever wonder how to get a girl wet by texting? As texting comes closer to replacing phone calls as the dominant way to keep in touch, "sexting" is rising in prominence and threatening to unseat phone sex as a major cause of remote orgasms. If you thought phone sex was awkward the first time you tried it, sending explicit texts opens a whole new can of potentially sexually embarrassing worms. The lack of immediate auditory feedback and absence of breathy moans and gasps can stifle even the most confident SMS seduction master before a hot sexting session has a chance to get going. With a few simple tips, you can get your girl hooked on sexy texts for those nights when you can't be together or when your right hand and the internet aren't cutting it. 

  1. Test the waters Some chicks (and dudes, to be fair) aren't in touch with their sexy voice and don't know how to use it. Receiving your first obscene text can be a bit jarring, so you can't just jump into dirty talk without warming her up. Just like in the bedroom, a bit of lube goes a long way in getting your girlfriend on board with a new sexual practice.
  2. Appeal to her emotions There's a reason why bodice-ripping romances are referred to as girl porn. Remember the episode of "Friends" with Rachel, Joey and the Vicar? Women are much more sexually stimulated than men by familiarity and declarations of love. You don't have to propose, but starting off with romance and not straight-up dirty talk will make her much more amenable to your SMS advances.
  3. Test the waters, again Action time. Zero in, if possible, on a sexual theme you know she likes. Teacher/student fantasy? Light bondage? Feel around a bit for what's melting her panties tonight. If you know her well, this step should be fairly easy. 
  4. Go in for the kill Now's not the time to be shy. You've established that you're both horny and alone, and you know what's making her hot. At this point, feel free to use some blue language and four-letter action words for maximum titillation. 
  5. Mind your grammar, son! Your girlfriend may not be a stickler for spelling and punctuation, but deep down we're all hard-wired to want a clever man to seduce us- why do you think a British accent beats out awful teeth in most women's sexual fantasies? A badly-timed "OMG U R so hott" will quench her knicker-fire more quickly than cold fingers or Tucker Max. Details matter. 
  6. Respond, respond, respond Even if you get off rather quickly, stick around to make sure her sexting needs are met. Leaving your lover hanging while you sneak in a round of "Call of Duty" just creates room for her to second-guess her newfound sexual prowess. By the time you put down the controller, the sexual resentment that's built up could get in the way of your next real life sexual encounter.
  7. Don't forget to cuddle Even the biggest cads stick around for a little post-sex cuddling. With text sex, you don't even have to deal with long canoodling sessions and ensuing numb arms. A simple message letting her know how good she was (even if there's a learning curve) and how much you're looking forward to the real thing should do the trick. 
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