How To Get A Girlfriend In High School

How to get a girlfriend in high school is one of the main concerns for teenage boys. For some it comes easy, while for others not so much. While getting a girlfriend in high school can seem very difficult, it's actually not as hard as it appears and can be done if you remember some key points.

  1. Be Yourself. Although it sounds very cliche' its extremely true. Just be yourself! Many times boys in high school, and even when they are older, somehow think it's wise to try to put on a show and act like some guy they aren't. Though it may seem like a quick fix and good idea at the time, pretending to be something or someone you aren't is not the answer. If you aren't athletic, don't pretend to be. If you're a nerd, be a nerd. If you like to play video games in your free time it's okay. Be true to yourself and your likes and dislikes. Be proud of the person that you are and don't feel like you have to hide it or change it for anyone.  It's more important for a girl to get to know you and like you for the person you are than for you to try and impress her by acting how you think she might like. Plus, when you aren't being yourself, girls can tell a lot of the time, and no girl likes a phoney!
  2. Be Honest. This goes along with the first point of being yourself. Just be honest and tell the truth! There is nothing a young woman, grown woman, or female of any age hates worst than a liar. Once you tell a lie and get caught, you will always be known for that. This is especially true in high school. For example, don't lie about what you've done with girls. Boys in high school think it's cool, but it's really not. Gossip, especially about boys, spreads like wildfire among girls, so in a place where reputation matters most, don't taint yours by becoming the school liar if you want to get a girlfriend.
  3. Be Outgoing. No one, girls or boys, can get to know you if you stay to yourself, don't talk to anyone, stay at home all the time, and don't participate in–or at least go to–any school functions. Often times a girl doesn't even a notice a boy until she's seen him a couple times, especially if she's not specifically interested in him. If she doesn't see you, how can you get noticed or get a girlfriend? Being in the same class can only take you so far. Plus girls like boys that have interests and like to participate in activities. Otherwise, what will you talk about on the first date?
  4. Don't be Afraid. You won't get a girlfriend if you are afraid to talk to girls. It's just as simple as that. At some point you will need to approach the girl you are interested in and get to know her. A little shyness is cute, but fearful is a big turn off. Don't be overconfident, but do be sure of yourself and who you are. If you are afraid, try your best not to let it show. She's only a girl. If you decide to ask her out, the worse thing she can say is no.
  5. Show Interest. Lastly, you have to show the girl you like that you are interested in her. If you don't actively pursue a girl, unless she pursues you, you will never get a girlfriend. You have to show interest in a girl for her to know you are serious about wanting her to be your girlfriend. It's not enough to just tell her. Girls like to feel special. You don't have to try and buy her a big gift or anything, but something as simple as a note or a flower can go a long way. If you do this and the girl likes you back, you are sure to be relationship bound!
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