How To Get A Girlfriend On My Sims For Wii

Ever wondered "how to get a girlfriend on My Sims for Wii?" Getting a My Sims girlfriend is not nearly as hard as you may think. There are a lot of people who tell you that it can't be done, but really it is a matter of the effort you put in. If you follow these steps you will get yourself a girlfriend in My Sims for Wii in no time.

  1. Get to at least level four. Until then your Sim will be flying solo!
  2. Find the right Sim to be your girlfriend. In My Sims for Wii, much like in life, not every girl will want to date you. Talk to the ladies in your area. When you locate the one with a heart over her head you have found the right lady. 
  3. Click on the heart over your new potential My Sims girlfriend. This will express your interest in dating her.
  4. Do some kind of an activity together if it's possible. If not possible your My Sims girlfriend may need a little bit more persuading. Just come back a few times and keep talking to her, whenever you see the heart click on it.
  5. Once you see hearts while you are talking, you have a My Sims girlfriend.
  6. Remember to keep up contact. Just like a real girlfriend, a neglected My Sims girlfriend will not be your girlfriend for long. Talk to her at least once a gaming session. To make this easy you can just start sleeping in her bed!



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