How To Get Government Accounting Jobs

There is no easy way to learn how to get government accounting jobs. The best thing to do is brace yourself and wait for openings. Most people that land government jobs tend to keep them forever due to the excellent benefits, vacation and pay so there aren’t tons of openings. When openings do come up, you want to make sure you’re ready with all the right tools.

In order to get a government accounting job, you will need:

  • A professional resume
  • Accounting experience or experience that is related to accounting (for an entry level position)
  • Access to the internet and government websites
  • Quality references
  • Great interviewing skills
  1. Get your resume ready. If you don’t have actual accounting experience, you will definitely want to highlight other areas of your resume that could be considered relevant. This will only apply if you’re searching for an entry level position. If you have plenty of accounting experience, try to highlight the most important areas. Always seek a professional if you need additional help in making your resume really shine.
  2. Start searching. Go online and check out your local, county, state and federal websites for positions in your area. Often, these websites will send you updates and let you know if new openings come up. Keep in mind that with any government job, you will be waiting to hear anything for quite a while. The average government accounting job will take at least six months to obtain.
  3. Clean up your credit. Most government agencies investigate credit and background issues. If you have something on your criminal record, definitely list it. Keep in mind that charges like fraud and tax evasion will likely disqualify you. Obtain a free credit report and investigate any issues that you may find. Most credit reports contain some errors and you should definitely try to clean those up before a background check is conducted.
  4. Work on your interview skills. Practice doing mock interviews with a friend or record yourself with a tape recorder. Most interviews are what seal the deal for applicants, so you need to be confident and do the best you can at “selling yourself.” If you say “um” and “like” too much, you won’t sound very qualified or confident. Practice interviewing yourself in the mirror and evaluate how you look to yourself. If you can’t convince yourself you should get the job, good luck convincing a four-person interview panel!
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