How To Get Into Graduate Acting School

Thinking about doing a masters degree in acting but wondering how to get into graduate acting school? Since acting is practical and not theory based you will have to do an audition. If you already have a drama degree or worked in theater you probably already have some idea about what goes on in auditions. Either way, auditioning for acting school can be a nerve-wracking experience.

  1. Research graduate acting programs. Some schools specialize in film while others put an emphasis on stage work. It's important to research the different graduate school acting programs to decide which school might be a good fit for you.

  2. Narrow down your choices. Once you've decided on a few school that you may want to apply to, determine which ones are your first choice, second choice etc. When narrowing down your choices, don't forget to consider the location of the graduate school.

  3. Complete the application. You must do this at least a month or two prior to auditions in order to secure your place at the auditions for the school.

  4. Study the audition guidelines. You don't want to lose out on a place by making careless mistakes such as going longer than allowed or bringing a script into your reading.

  5. Prepare your monologues. Most auditions consist of two contrasting monologues. Go to the library to research possible monologue choices. Be wary of picking common audition speeches. Not only will you end up boring the panel but they will probably be comparing you to others that have read that same scene. How do you know if a monologue is overused? They appear in “best monologue” books.

  6. Be prepared to fly out for auditions. Some schools may let you send in an audition tape while others will have mass auditions all across the country. More than likely though you will at least have to fly in for second auditions, once you make it past the first cut.

Tip: Consider hiring an acting coach to help you with your audition monologues. Not only can can a coach help to select the right material for you, but a coach can help get get the best performance out of you.

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