How To Get Graduate Assistant Jobs

 To get graduate assistant jobs, every graduate needs to understand how the system works at the university that they want to work for. Universities have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of graduate assistant jobs available during the fall and spring sessions. These jobs often pay through both a monthly salary and free tuition. If you want to get graduate assistant jobs and you qualify for a position, it isn’t too hard to find an open position.

  1. To get graduate assistant jobs, look within your field of study. The department will require you to know enough about the field to be able to grade papers and perhaps even to teach some of the lower-level courses.
  2. Keep your grade point average high. To get graduate teaching assistant jobs, you will need to be enrolled in the school in which the job is offered, and you will likely be asked to show both proof of enrollment and proof of a grade point average that is high enough to satisfy the requirement.
  3. Check for any additional requirements. Some universities require assistants to be enrolled for a specific number of hours and some have additional requirements. 
  4. Apply directly through the department of the school you want to work for. In order to get graduate assistant jobs, your application will most likely come from the school office. Depending on the university, the application may be turned in online or in person at the school's office. Follow the guidelines precisely. Missing a deadline or forgetting some of the paperwork will peg you as an unreliable candidate. 
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