How To Get Hair Like Bradley Cooper

Do you want to know how to get hair like Bradley Cooper, star of such films as “The Wedding Crashers,” “Midnight Meat Train” and “The Hangover”? Then follow these simple instructions and your hair will be looking like Bradley Cooper's before you know it.

  1. Grow it out. If you want to get hair like Bradley Cooper, first things first: grow out your locks. Cooper’s hair has mostly been medium-length to long. So if you have a buzz cut or a high and tight, lay off the clippers and let those strands grow. You’ll know it’s long enough when hair from the top of your head touches below the top of your ears.
  2. Know your hair type. If your hair is curly, you may need to get it straightened at a salon. If you’re okay with the curly version of hair like Bradley Cooper, feel free to proceed. If your hair is straight, you’ve nothing to worry about. If your hair is naturally wavy, however, be aware that you may need to get extra help to tame it.
  3. Know your hairline. Bradley Cooper has a straight hairline with no widow’s peak or receding spots. Because of this, he can comb his hair straight back. If you have a widow’s peak or receding spots, you can comb straight back too, but be aware that this may result in natural parts that result in your hair hanging on the side of your head. You can still get hair like Bradley Cooper, you just need to know that this will factor into how you style and manage it.
  4. Get it layered. Cooper’s hair is layered. That may sound like a term used only for women’s hairstyles, but the truth is that layering your hair is what will keep it both manageable and presentable. Without layering it, your hair will be the same length all the way around and that will definitely not look attractive, let alone help you get hair like Bradley Cooper. If you’re concerned about money and don’t want to pay big bucks for a high-end salon (not to mention trading in your Man Card), don’t worry. A trip to any commercial salon that offers ten to fifteen dollar men’s haircuts will do the trick.
  5. Blow drying. Once your hair is long enough and layered, the first tip toward styling it like Cooper is to know how to blow dry it properly. You can’t just stand in front of the mirror and shake the dryer around your head. To get the right look, bend over and let your hair hang. Blow it completely dry. When you stand up, if your hair is thick your hair will poof out into a giant afro, but don’t be dismayed. Take a brush and comb your hair straight back on all sides. This will tamp it down just enough that when you put in your hair products, the hair will retain its body. This keeps it from matting down and will give you hair like Bradley Cooper. If your hair is thin, you might experience a small bit of afro, but not much.
  6. Product. You will need at least two types of product to get hair like Bradley Cooper: non-hardening gel or pomade and light hair spray. The non-hardening gel or pomade is essential as this is what will make your hair manageable and further reduce the afro look you get after blow drying. Rub the gel or pomade all over your palms and between your fingers, then slide them through your hair from front to back. Don’t use more than a quarter’s worth, as too much will make your hair heavy and eliminate the body. Once it’s laying down nicely, apply the hair spray in short, quick bursts for a finishing hold. Voila, hair like Bradley Cooper!

If you want to get hair like Bradley Cooper, you’ll need patience to grow it out and to put in a few minutes of extra work in shaping it every day. This routine should take you no more than five to seven minutes every morning, so you don’t have to deal with a time-consuming process and can still get hair like Bradley Cooper.



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