How To Get Hair Dye Off Skin

Groom in secret with these quick tips on how to get hair dye off skin. So dying your hair to cover up the ever growing gray isn’t just for women any more. While it might be popular for men to now dye their hair, it doesn’t mean you want to announce it to everyone by showing up to the office with hair dye accidently staining your skin. Avoid the embarrassment and learn how to get hair dye off skin.

Things you will need to get hair dye off skin:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Dandruff shampoo
  • Hand and or face scrub
  • Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol
  1. Ensure that you don’t have dry skin. It is very hard to get hair dye off of dry skin on your scallop. The only real way is to scrub hard with a dandruff shampoo to remove the stained flakes. Doing this after you dye your hair will shorten the life of your color. To avoid this all together be sure to use a dandruff shampoo before you dye your hair. This way you will have fewer flakes in the first place.
  2. Protect your skin from the dye. It is very easy to get the dye accidently on the skin near the hair line. To help prevent this, rub a small amount of petroleum jelly around your hair line. If dye gets on the area, it should was off easier and be less likely the stain your skin.
  3. Try scrubbing the dye away. If you do happen to get some dye on your skin, try using a hand or face (depending on where the dye is) scrub to remove it. Be careful doing this on your face near your eyes.
  4. Use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to remove dye. Only use this method for areas that are not on your face. Hand sanitizer works just as well and is a lot less harsh on your skin. Be sure to clean the skin well if you use rubbing alcohol.
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