How To Get Hair Like Edward Elric

Knowing how to get hair like Edward Elric can put you in good with Anime fans. The cartoon star of the "Full Metal Jacket" series definitely has a unique hairstyle. Though not impossible to achieve, for some it may require time and patience to get the look right.

To get your hair to look like Edward Elric you will need:

  • Hair past the shoulders
  • Scissors
  • Hair gel
  • Someone to braid
  • Hair Tie
  • Round brush
  • Blow dryer
  1. Cut hair the right length. The first step in getting hair like Edward Elric is to get the right cut. The hair should be parted across the top of the forehead and bangs cut. The bangs should fall just below the chin when all pulled forward.
  2. Braid the back. When getting hair like Edward Elric, you have to put in that loose braid. Have someone loosely braid all but the bangs loosely in three to four knots. Tie with a hair band. For a more authentic look, tie a strip of fabric around the hair tie.
  3. Gel the bangs. The next step in getting hair like Edward Elric is to add hair gel from the roots to the tips of the bangs.
  4. Get the lift. One of the most important steps in getting hair like Edward Elric is to create the signature lift at the base of the bangs. Place a round hair brush at the point where the bangs meet the scalp. Roll the hair onto the brush and apply a hot hair dryer. Carefully remove the brush.
  5. Part the bangs and go. The final step in getting hair like Edward Elric is to part the bangs, and the lift down the center and push them to the sides of the face. They should lay on the cheeks.  
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