How To Get Hair Like James Franco

If you happen to be one of the many asking yourself “How do I get hair like James Franco?” you would be well advised to stop talking to yourself and instead consult other sources.

  1. An exploration of hair products promising similar results to those consistently achieved by the "Spider-Man" co-star would be a wise first move. And even though many of these may prove to be somewhat cost-prohibitive, they will more than likely help all hoping to adopt a hairstyle similar to that of Franco. One might even get lucky in finding similar items of a discount or generic nature by shopping wisely at markdown shops or consulting research materials.
  2. Consider Your Options. It’s a good idea to know where you stand before committing to any one course of action. For example, all you may need is something as simple as a different way of combing your hair (if you’re lucky).  
  3. Communicate Properly. Be sure you can describe the style you actually want to stylists, barbers, etc. Or better still, lay your hands on some appropriate photos. Then of course there’s the option of finding a photo of Mr. Franco wearing the hairstyle you’re looking for should present no problem, since he is regularly seen in celebrity magazine. This can be used as a visual aid for local barbers and stylists in your quest to get hair like James Franco.

But all the while it’s important to remember that even the most talented stylist can only do so much with what nature has given you. So if they try and fail, don’t be too disappointed. After all, one could always take other measures such as:

  1. Hope for breakthroughs in genetic research that will allow a scalp transplant.
  2. Stop washing and combing your hair to emulate Franco’s cut in “Pineapple Express”.
  3. Pray that James Franco’s next role is that of a character with hair similar to what you already have growing on your head.

Otherwise…an appropriate hat might be considered.   

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