How To Get Hair Like Johnny Depp

So you want to learn how to get hair like Johnny Depp? This man has had every hairstyle under the sun. A few of Johnny Depp's hairstyles are worth giving a try.

  1. Long, but masculine Most of us remember the longish hair like Johnny Depp has worn in his roles in a few movies. But he seems to like the longish hair enough to keep it during periods of his personal life, too.
  2. Messy and almost long Johnny Depp has had his hair just past ear length, with kind off a messy tousled look to it.
  3. Short and sexy He has had a couple different versions short hair, usually on the messy side. He doesn't seem to part his hair a certain way for his short hair style. When Johnny Depp wears his hear super short, he is almost unrecognizable because we are more used to seeing him in longer, more care-free hair.

Johnny Depp has had his hair numerous lengths and a even a few shades of colors, usually a very dark shade of black or deep brown. His hair has a natural messy look that gives his hair its own personal flair. If you want to try hair like Johnny Depp, keep all of this in mind. Make sure you don't mind a carefree hair style. Not everyone can pull off his look, but he has so many hair styles you can play around to decide what does and doesn't work for you.

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