How To Get Hair Like Orlando Bloom

In order to know how to get hair like Orlando Bloom you have to first consider his many looks. Orlando Bloom has light hair in some shots and darker hair in others. Orlando Bloom hairstyles may also come  as short and spiked, under a cap or even savvy and shoulder length. This article will explore both hairstyles and share how to reach the ultimate goal how to get hair like Orlando Bloom.

To get hair like Orlando Bloom you will need:

  • Hair Color
  • Curling Iron, Curlers or a Trip to the Salon For a Perm
  • Hair Mousse or Gel
  • Pick
  1. Match hair color. Choose what Orlando Bloom color to go with. There are two colors to pick from, dirty blonde or medium brown. Most medium browns turn out darker at first on most types of hair. Color the hair the dark blonde to match that of Orlando Bloom in "Pirates of the Caribbean." Color it darker to match that of Orlando Bloom in "Haven." Many already have one of these two colors, naturally. It should be easier for you to reach the goal on how to get hair like Orlando Bloom.
  2. Match length. Orlando Bloom's hair has been noted as short or shoulder length. If wishing to go with short and spiked simply skip to down a few steps to assist in spike formation.
  3. Highlights. Highlights are one of Orlando Bloom's best hair features. Try highlighting the tips approximately two inches from the ends.
  4. Wavy curls. Wavy hair with curls defines Orlando Bloom's natural hair. It's sexy, delicate and grabs a lot of attention. Adding curls or waves can be attempted via curling iron, curlers or a perm. Remember, with a perm the curls should be loose and not tight as the best thing about a perm is that it lasts longer, much longer, and is easier than using curling irons or curlers.
  5. Apply hair mousse or gel. In order to have the hair remain flowing back from the crown using a mousse or hair gel is not out of the question. Read the instructions on the bottle or box for best results. Hair mousse or gel can lift the hair to give it body, or give it a certain look that will remain longer than simply using hair spray.
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