How To Get Hair Like Owen Wilson

The steps in reaching the goal of knowing how to get hair like Owen Wilson can be found in color, cut and style. Hollywood actor and writer Owen Wilson is best known for sporting the classic surfer hairstyle. Healthy in various ways, Owen Wilson's hairstyle flows and glows in waves of blondes. His freestyle way of thinking is only part of his package, but Owen Wilson's hair has what it takes to seal the deal on his great, shaggy, windblown look.

Simply gather the items listed below, continue with the step-by-step process and soon enough, the Owen Wilson hair appeal will be more than just an idea – it will be a reality. How to get hair like Owen Wilson? We begin with supplies.

  • Picture of Owen Wilson
  • Hair Color (Where Applies)
  • Hair Stylist (Where Applies)
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Hair Mousse
  • Hair Pick
  • Blow Dryer
  1. Picture perfect. Find the best picture of Owen Wilson as a guideline to the goal. This can be very useful when reaching the specific Owen Wilson quest.
  2. Owen Wilson hair color. Owen Wilson's hair color is sandy blonde. If that does not match your color, then either go to a hair salon and have it colored or purchase a hair color that best fits sandy blonde, a true sun-kissed color. There is another way to color. Try a non-permanent color to avoid a hair color commitment.
  3. Medium wavy layers, shoulder length with bangs. Owen Wilson's hair is not too wavy and not too straight, it's medium wavy at shoulder length. Wilson's hair is layered with bangs. The bangs are loose and not a solid straight style. Both layers and bangs gives Owen Wilson's hair the freedom to flow naturally. If your hair does not match this style, then it is time to take a trip to the local hair salon. But, do not forget to take the Owen Wilson picture. The hair stylist may need it to better reach the goal.
  4. Surfer style. Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner and allow to dry completely, the reason being that the hair will benefit from the moisture. Spray water from the water bottle lightly over all of the hair. Only spray lightly to avoid too much moisture. Use the appropriate measure of hair mousse and work it into the damp hair. Use the hair pick to comb the hair. Look towards the floor and begin blow drying the back of the hair while using the fingers to shimmy the back of the hair from south to north (down to up). Do the same to the sides of the hair then the very top of the hair. Turn the head upside down for a moment and blow dry for a moment to give the hair a final lift. It will lay nicely when using the pick to sweep the hair gently. Do not brush the hair with the pick since it will take away from the windblown style.
  5. Banging finale. Now for the bangs. Lightly spray the bangs by using the water spray bottle. Take the fingers, not pick, and work the bangs towards one side (either side will work). Turn the head upside down and lightly finish off the bangs with a quick blow dry to give the bangs some lift. Once completed, sit back and enjoy the new Owen Wilson surfer hairstyle!
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