How To Get Hair Like Patrick Dempsey

The obvious answer to the question, “How to get hair like Patrick Dempsey?”, would be: "Attain genetics similar to those prevalent in the charismatic actor’s family." Otherwise, you might choose to explore other options. And there are a number to choose from.

  1. One option that should be considered when trying to get hair like Patrick Dempsey would involve a covert plan involving: breaking and entering, chloroform, a straight razor, and a gruesome procedure that might allow one to actually steal Patrick Dempsey’s locks and scalp from the forehead up and then wear it at your later convenience. However, since most don’t have the stomach nor resources for this, other courses of action should more than likely be considered.
  2. One path you might consider in capturing a coif such as Patrick Dempsey’s would be to employ an $800-an-hour stylist. (But for most this would require a lucrative television contract with a network such as ABC and/or an illustrious film career not unlike that of this actor in question.)
  3. An exploration of hair products promising similar results to those constantly achieved by Patrick Dempsey star would be a wise first move that could be undertaken initially through research of sources such as the internet, magazines, or conversations with a local hairstylis, the latter being the wisest move in that it would prove to be the most time-efficient. Even the most consumer-friendly of barbershops, hair salons and other such establishments have numerous volumes displaying photos of most every cut imaginable. And if you can also provide such establishments with actual representations of Dempsey’s current wear, the professionals on hand can usually accommodate you (or at least come as close as possible to delivering what you desire).

Tips For Getting Hair Like Patrick Dempsey:

  • Be aware of limitations. If you don’t want to employ a toupee or hair transplant, it’s obvious that your physical attributes (baldness, etc.) might signal defeat in your quest to get hair like Patrick Dempsey.
  • Make a to-do list. List what you need, such as hair care products, a specific stylist, etc. before diving in. (This will prove to be quite the time saver.)
  • Make your wants clearly known. Be sure to describe exactly what you want to your stylist, barber, etc. And don’t be afraid to supply photos depicting that Patrick Dempsey look you’re seeking.    

Bear in mind that even the most proficient of stylist can only do so much with what nature has given you. So don’t expect miracles, unless you plan on being disappointed.       

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