How To Get Hair Like Robert Downey Jr.

Want to know how to get hair like Robert Downey Jr.? You can have hair like Robert Downey Jr. without going to a salon and paying big prices. Robert Downey Jr.'s hair is wild, fun, and has a lot of character. Mousse, gel, some scissors and a couple of mirrors will do the trick.

If you want to have hair like Robert Downey Jr., you will need:

  • A mirror and a hand mirror to see the back of your head
  • Mousse
  • Hair gel
  • Scissors
  • Blow dryer
  • Attitude to wear the hair like Robert Downey Jr. does.
  1. Wash your hair.
  2. While your hair is still damp, randomly cut layers all around your head. Leave hair on top longer than on the sides. Leave hair longer around your sideburn areas and around your ears.
  3. Dampen your hair again. Rub Hair gel through your hair and blow dry it. Ruffle it with your fingers.
  4. Dampen your hair by running a wet brush through it.
  5. Put a medium amount of mousse into your hands. Run the mousse through your hair with your fingers.
  6. Ruffle your hair with your fingers. Pull strands up and out around your ears. Slick back the front, then ruffle the top to make a messy look.
  7. With the blow dryer and a brush, run the blow dryer on a low setting while fluffing the back and a little of the top with your hair brush.
  8. Examine your hair in the mirror, using the hand-held mirror to look at the back.
  9. Lastly, when your hair is dry, run your fingers over it and through it to give it a sassy, wind-blown appearance.



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