How To Get Hair Like Robert Pattinson

Want to know how to get hair like Robert Pattinson? Maybe you want to look more vampiric, hide a bald spot or attract a ton of screaming females? Whatever the reason, all this hair-do requires is some good products, a bit of vanity and some extra time in the morning. Remember, though, men with longer hair will achieve better results with the Robert Pattinson look.

To get hair like Robert Pattinson, you will need:

  • Matte style product
  • A round, thick or flat hairbrush. The hairbrush should not have thin bristles. Wooden bristles work well.
  • A hair-dryer
  • Spray sheen or shine gloss
  • Hair-spray
  1. Wash your hair thoroughly. Make sure to wash your hair well so that it is clean and not oily. This is important. Robert Pattinson wouldn't have dirty hair!
  2. Apply a wallop of product. Pull the product through your hair, starting from the roots. Massage it through with your palms so that your hair is covered in the product. Make sure the product is applied to the roots as well. This will give the hair a lift, providing the illusion of added volume.
  3. Begin blow-drying your hair. Use the brush to pull your hair up and out. Using your fingertips also helps achieve the look. Make sure to blast the dryer at the roots so that your hair can stand on end. Pull your hair forward. Do this until your hair is almost entirely dry.
  4. Finger your hair. Pull your hair in a few directions. Robert Pattinson's hair has that messy, just-got-out-of-bed look. It's important to remember to maneuver your hair in several directions, curling a few strands around your finger and manipulating its direction. Otherwise, your hair will look more like the infamous blow-out.
  5. Add some sheen. Take the shine or gloss product and spray it just a few times on your hair. This will give it a lustrous look.
  6. Add hair-spray if absolutely necessary. This hair-do is supposed to look natural, but adding a few drops of hair-spray can't hurt.

If your hair is naturally very curly, it may be a good idea to to wash your hair, let it naturally dry and then proceed to straighten it before attempting to replicate Robert Pattinson hair. If this is the case, proceed from step two after your hair has been straightened.

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