How To Get Hair Like Taylor Lautner

If you want to know how to get hair like Taylor Lautner, you need to match his color and style—his hair is straight with a shiny, silky texture. To get hair like Taylor Lautner, start by evaluating your own hair. You may need to change the color, cut, or style of your own hair, or even all three.

You will need:

  • Mirror
  • Hair dye in a very dark shade of brown
  • Photos featuring Taylor Lautner with a hairstyle you like
  • Hair products specified by your hair stylist to maintain your new look


  1. Evaluate your hair: Take a hand mirror outside on a sunny day. Make sure the mirror is large enough to see your whole head—a tiny little compact isn't going to work. Do this at a time where you can have some privacy. Look at the color of your hair—Taylor Lautner's is very dark brown, so if yours is medium to dark brown you can change it at home. If your hair is blonde, head to a salon, as DIY haircolor is best for small changes, not huge ones.
  2. Dye your Hair: Head to the drugstore and pick up some ladies hair color. Why not men's color? Because they only come in a few shades, look fake, and are designed to mask grey, not add shine. Men's color is often flat, and Taylor Lautner has natural hair with several different shades of color. Choose a rich dark brown shade from a quality manufacturer like L'Oreal. A box of hair color should set you back about ten dollars or so. Even if you already have dark hair, dye it anyway. Dying is a chemical process that changes both the color and texture of your hair, and will add shine as well.
  3. Follow the box directions exactly to dye your hair at home, then use the conditioner that comes in the box with the dye. It is not difficult to dye your hair—just mix the dye, apply, wait the specified time, then wash the dye away.
  4. Get a Cut: Head to a hairstylist to get whatever Taylor Lautner inspired "do" you want. Bring along a photo that has a style you like. Make sure you go to a real stylist, not a barber for this process. Bring along a photo of Taylor Lautner if needed—choose one from a glossy magazine that shows his hair in the style you want to copy. Watch the stylist as he or she dries your hair, and note the products they use. You will need the same ones to duplicate the look.

Enjoy your new Taylor Launter style. To maintain your new look, touch up the dye every six to eight weeks, and get your hair cut as needed.

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