How To Get Hair Like Zac Efron

Want to learn how to get hair like Zac Efron? Zac does have a great head of hair, doesn't he? He seems to change his look every now and then. Here are some suggestions on how to get hair like Zac Efron.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer with internet access
  • Celebrity magazines featuring Zac Efron
  • Assortment of hair styling products
  1. Pick a cut. Zac Efron has had a few haircuts. You are going to want to look to the internet (look up "Zac Efron hair") or look through a celebrity magazine.
  2. Color change or not. Zac Efron has changed not just his style, but his hair color, too. He has his hair spiked, tousled and styled in many ways. Decide which color you like. Keep in mind that everyone's facial features and complexions are different.
  3. Styling tools. Zac Efron is one of those people who uses products in his hair. You know, styling gels and such. You are going to want to find which products to use depending on your hair type. Zac probably uses a straightening iron to get his hair to look the way it is.

Zac usually wears his hair on the longish, relaxed side with the front bangs sort of combed down over his eyes. It works for him. He has changed his hair color and put low and highlights in to give his hair extra life. Consider your face shape and features to figure out if you can pull of his hair styles. It's always fun to try a new look, even if you are copying one of your favorite celebrities.

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