How To Get Halo Armor In Fable 2

Learn how to get halo armor in Fable 2 right here at Made Manual. Named "Hal's Armor" for copywrite purposes, the Halo armor is a neat cross between two great Xbox games. The armor is only available after purchasing the limited collectors edition of Fable 2, but there are ways of obtaining Hal's Armor if you ask around, meet the right people, and have something worth trading. it is also possible to obtain "Hal's Rifle" on "Knothole Island."

  1. Haggle. Haggling is the only way to obtain Halo Armor at this point, since the special edition of Fable 2 is no longer sold. Turn on the "Orb" option on in the "online options," and ask other online players to see if you can haggle to trade with someone that has the Halo armor in Fable 2.
  2. Online. Find other players online in Fable 2 forums and online gaming communities to trade with. Offer up items that you have for trade to let people know how serious you are about getting hold of Hal's armor in Fable 2. People who did not purchase the Knothole Island DLC are likely to trade the Halo Armor for other items that are hard to get in the game such as the Halo Rifle.
  3. Finish the look. To finish the look of Halo Armor, you can obtain Halo Rifle in a "Box of Secrets" on Knothole Island. You need to download the DLC (downloadable content) to gain access to Knothole Island, and you need to obtain "Pure Experience Extract" to open the box of secrets located on Knothole Island, in the surprise shop. The DLC for knothole island can be found in the Xbox marketplace under "game add-ons" for Fable 2.
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