How To Get Hank Moody’s Style

A lot of dudes wonder how to get Hank Moody’s style. The main character on the Showtime series “Californication,” as played by David Duchovny, seems like the coolest guy in the world and has no trouble hooking up with the sexiest ladies in Los Angeles. But the best way how to get Hank Moody’s style is to try and cop some of his intellect, not just his external coolness.

  1. Listen to Slayer. It might sound out of character, but listening to Slayer is in fact a good way to get Hank Moody’s style. After all, the name of his novel, “God Hates Us All,” is actually taken from the Slayer album of the same name! Start with said album, then go on to read the book that was recently released as a tie-in with the TV series.
  2. Read counter-cultural fiction. Start with “Women” by Charles Bukowski, which is believed to be the novel that “Californication” is largely based on. Other recommended authors for those who want to get Hank Moody’s style include William S. Burrough, Jack Kerouac, Dennis Cooper, Hunter S. Thompson, Travis Jeppesen and Thomas Pynchon.
  3. Buy some expensive black shades. That’s probably the easiest and most superficial way how to get Hank Moody’s style, but it’s the way you wear them that counts!
  4. Go vintage. Vintage sports cars, typewriters instead of computers and cool second-hand jackets. This all contributes to what making Hank Moody the cool dude he is, and is the way to go to get Hank Moody’s style.
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