How To Get Hard To Find Jobs

Unemployed people have a better chance of finding work if they know how to get hard to find jobs. Jobs that appear in newspaper advertisements are easy to find, but job seekers need to look beyond the ads. You can get hard to find jobs if you approach employers yourself, instead of waiting for an employer to announce an opening.

  1. Contact employers directly. The easiest way to do this is to call or email businesses you'd like to work for. Ask if you can introduce yourself, and share a little bit about your experience and qualifications. A business might offer you a hard to find job as soon as it receives your resume, or it might keep you in mind when it hires people in the future.
  2. Ask people in your field if they know of anyone who might hire you. People you've worked with in the past might be able to let you know about hard to find jobs. Tell them that you're looking for work. They could be aware of jobs that you wouldn't be able to find on your own.
  3. Get an internship or volunteer. If you like an organization but haven't found a job with it yet, see if you can start out as an intern or a volunteer. This kind of work doesn't pay very well, but it gets your foot in the door. If the organization is impressed with you, it may offer you a hard to find job later on. Even if you don't get a hard to find job as a result of your internship or volunteer work, it will look good on your resume. That could give you an advantage when you apply for jobs with other organizations.



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